Benefits Of Quitting Smoking

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quit_smokingThe benefits of quitting smoking are many. The health issues caused by smoking can be fatal and chronic, leaving you sick and damaged for the rest of your life. By quitting smoking you can feel a lot better about yourself and experience a healthy glowing lifestyle.

The initial stages when you actually take steps to quit smoking are really tough. It is a process which takes time and requires your total focus and commitment. A strong willpower and a great wish are required. Your sense of taste and smell improves considerably after quitting smoking. The food you always loved will appear better to taste. Your teeth will also appear more white and clean and stain free than before after you stop smoking nicotine. Your new life will be different and you will begin to feel as a whole new person. Your breath and smell is fresh. People get rid of a wide range of health problems after they quit smoking. These are cancers, stroke, heart attacks, cardiovascular diseases, premature ageing, vision disorder, peptic ulcer, gum cancer, lupus, infertility and a lot more.

A person who smokes regularly smells different and is often very self conscious about them wherever they go. Quitting this danger stick makes them free. Much money is saved and a better health is ensured. The sense of smell is numbed through long term smoking of tobacco. When you stop smoking your sense comes back in its original form. People start smelling their favorite foods, perfumes and flowers. A positive spirit grows inside the human mind when he avoids fagging. They start enjoying life better than before. You achieve a great sense of freedom after you smoke for the last time. Intense willpower and motivation should always be your friend in this whole procedure.

The person who quits smoking feels that his blood circulation has improved and begins to feel the warmth on his hands and feet. His blood pressure level and the rate of pulse bear lowers down and his body state reaches the normal condition in all ways. The problem of frequent coughs decreases and disappears after a considerable time. The production of phlegm in the body returns back to its normal level. A person who quits smoking experiences an extraordinary enhancement of stamina and power in them. Their energy boosts up to a greater level. Eyesight becomes sharper than before and they see a change of increased field of vision by almost 15 to 20 percent.

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