Benefits Of Quitting Caffeine

Benefits of Quitting Caffeine

Chocolate, coffee, tea and soda are common diet ary caffeine sources. Once caffeine is ingested in the body, it is quickly absorbed and its effects lessen within four hours. When you take caffeine, your mood usually soars and then plummets, leaving you with caffeine cravings for making your moods soar again. By quitting caffeine, you will likely see a considerable increase in your overall health. Further below are benefits of quitting caffeine.

1. Reduces anxiety

Caffeine consumption normally results in the development of various mood disturbances in children and adults. Mood disorders like irritability, attention disorders and anxiety are worsened by high caffeine consumption. Through quitting caffeine, the risk of getting or worsening existing mood disorders is greatly lowered. This is because caffeine usually reduces blood circulation to the head and this negatively impacts mental performance and memory.

2. Relieves tension

Even though caffeine seems to offer the body an energy boost, the energy offered is not real and does not last for long. Most individuals feel extremely tired and stressed as soon as the caffeine effects have dwindled. By avoiding the consumption of caffeine, you are going to get sufficient sleep throughout the night. This enables your body to rest well and alleviate tension and stress.

3. Promotes weight loss

Frequent caffeine consumption may result in weight gain because it enhances the secretion of glycogen in the body, which enhances blood sugar levels significantly. Insulin is then secreted by the pancreas so as to deal with this problem. The excess sugar is stored as fat by insulin, which results in weight gain. That is the major reason why individuals in programs aimed at losing weight are advised to stop ingesting caffeine.

Conversely, quitting caffeine normally leads to certain withdrawal symptoms like migraines, irritability and nausea because it is a highly addictive drug.

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