Benefits Of Quitting Alcohol

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beer-lagerBenefits Of Quitting Alcohol

With the shift in generations the likings and tastes of people, especially the youth is continuously changing. Today, intake of alcohol is considered to be a representative of status and class. But alcohol has resulted in large number of health and other problems for people who are addicted to drinking and their families. Sometimes, families of these people have to face financial and social difficulties. There are many reasons and benefits of quitting alcohol.

1.Prevents from many diseases.
Quitting alcohol results in many health benefits. It decreases the risk of developing diseases like cirrhosis, many heart problems and prevents the liver from being damaged. Intake of excessive alcohol weakens your immune system and makes the body prone to various diseases and infections. Quitting alcohol builds the immune system and reduces the chances of infections.

2.Increases expectance of life.
Research has shown that people who intake alcohol causes major destructions in the internal systems of their body. Quitting alcohol prevents this destruction and increases the life expectancy of an individual.

3.Helps in saving money
Those who are addicted to drinking alcohol spend a lot of money on buying alcohol not only for themselves but also for friends who give them company. Thus quitting alcohol will help to save a lot of money for fulfilling the requirements of their family.

4.Improves appetite

People who are addicted to alcohol suppress their hunger by drinking. Thus their intake of nutrients and health food that is essential for their body is much less. After quitting alcohol their appetite improves and the body receives the desired nutrients useful for maintaining good health.

5.Helps in reducing weight
Most alcoholic drinks contain high quantities of fats and calories. Quitting the intake of alcohol thus keeps the body free from all such fats and calories and stops the accumulation of excessive fat and weight. With passage of time, the body looses the excess fat that was stored earlier.

6.Save time for family and recreation
Addiction to alcohol demands a lot of time sitting with friends and families of such people is ignored. Quitting alcohol saves that time for the family. There is a lot of time in which you can engage yourself in various sports activities and other hobbies.

7.Saves you from hangovers.
The worst effect of addiction to alcohol is the hangover that can be experienced after the alcohol is consumed. Quitting it will save you from hangovers and the embarrassments associated with it.

8.Makes you feel active.
Intake of alcohol makes the person tired and lethargic. Quitting alcohol makes the person feel energetic and active.

9.Improves job performance
People who are engaged in drinking alcohol have lower performances at job. Firstly, because they devote less time to work and secondly, their living environment at home is usually tense making them unhappy. Quitting alcohol improves job performance.
The advantages of drinking are few but the negatives are many. So, make your life fun filled with your families rather than wasting money on this abusive and negative act of drinking alcohol.

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