Benefits Of Quinine

Benefits of Quinine

If you are familiar with herbal medicine or products, your may want to know the many benefits of quinine. It was first discovered in Peru due to its therapeutic qualities and Bolivia as a cure for malaria. Quinine is extracted or synthesized naturally from the popular Cinchona tree. Here are the known benefits of quinine, commonly known as tonic water.

1. Prevents cancer risk

Quinine is popular in Southern America as it is thought to help in treating certain types of cancer, including liver cancer, and mesenteric cancer. Apart from this, it was also used for the cure of amoebic infections, common cold, diarrhea, dyspepsia, pneumonia, varicose veins sciatica, and even hangovers just to mention but a few.

2. Treats irregular heartbeats

In Europe, herbal medicine was known for its antimalarial and antispasmodic properties. Not only was it used to reduce fever, but was also beneficial for curing irregular heartbeats, leg cramps, anemia and as an anesthetic and a bactericidal in some cases.

3. Dental health

Many folks use quinine as a throat astringent and can also be crushed into powder to help prevent tooth decay. The herb also contains anti-inflammatory effects and can treat conditions like rheumatoid arthritis. In case of extreme arthritis, doctors often usually use tonic water to strengthen the affected limbs.

4. Relaxes muscles

Quinine is a great muscle relaxant ant can reduce the severity caused by leg cramps. Moreover, it can help alleviate leg pain and lower back.

5. Treatment of babesiosis

It can also be consumed orally to help in the treatment of babesiosis, a parasite that is spread by ticks. When taken with clindamycin, it usually takes about a week to work. On the other hand, Indians used quinine to combat the effects of extreme cold temperatures.

Excessive consumption of quinine or tonic water, for that matter may harm your health, and should not be consumed by expectant women.

2 thoughts on “Benefits Of Quinine”

  1. I had learned tonic water was useful for pained leg cramps. How long do benefits start?
    While reading discovered it treats liver cancer which is excellent due to my condition. Liver cancer ♋ awaiting transplant.

    • Hi Gerie, I’m by no means an expert on quinine but I do believe that nature has a way of healing ailments in ways that the scientific community still doesn’t understand. I would think that quinine should start working fairly quickly for your leg cramps. And as far as the cancer goes, I’m a true believer that we have an innate ability to cure our ailments with proper nutrition, supplementation, and a healthy attitude. I don’t have anything to sell here, and I just hope that you have found a way to get some relief from the leg cramps! Hope all is well. God bless


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