Benefits of Pygeum Extract

Benefits of Pygeum Extract

Pygeum extract has many uses which include treating sexual dysfunction and prostate enlargement. Extracted from African plum trees, which grow in southern and central Africa, pygeum is now available in capsules, tablets and liquid form. Here are some advantages of using pygeum extract.

1. Treats urinary tract diseases

Pygeum extract has medicinal uses, particularly in traditional medicine for dealing with inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract like cystitis. Originally, people powdered the extract so as to make tea. Health experts not that pygeum extract helps to stop the body from producing prostaglandins, which are the chemicals that promote inflammation.

2. Cures sexual dysfunction

Some of the problems that men face include painful ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. In a recent comprehensive research, 20 patients who had these conditions were given pygeum extract every day. The researchers reported an increase in sexual behavior in the participants after three months of treatment.

3. Improves prostate health

Pygeum extract effectively relieves most of the distresses linked to prostate swelling or BPH. Actually, daily intake of pygeum extract allows BPH patients to experience lesser symptoms at night. Moreover, it also enhances urine flow, thus making BPH more manageable.

4. Supports cancer treatment

Oncologists and other integrative herbalists may recommend pygeum extract like a complementary medicine for certain cancer types, like prostate cancer. Nevertheless, the NIH classifies this as a hypothetical use of this herb. However, long term pygeum use may assist in prevent cancers in the prostate and bladder.

5. Prevents inflammation

Pygeum extract has anti-inflammatory properties that help teat fever and inflammation. It may also help to lessen the dangerous inflammatory response linked to certain kinds of infection and autoimmune disease. This extract can even help treat malaria.

Last of all, pygeum extract also acts as a traditional cure for various mental diseases, such as psychosis.

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