Benefits of Push Ups

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military-pushup-pdBenefits of Push Ups

For all those who have been postponing their daily work-outs with excuses of lack of equipment, lack of finance to join gyms, lack of additional skills to pursue a certain regimen, lack of time, or simply lack of motivation, here’s one simple exercise that solves all these problems. Push ups are one of the greatest exercises that anyone can do, of their own, for a little time everyday, and start seeing results very quickly. So, what are the benefits of this simple but effective exercise? Read on and you will be surprised.

1.Provides a complete body workout:

People often do not realize that push ups can give them a full body workout. How? Well, push ups exercise almost all the parts of your body from your hands and fingers, triceps, biceps, forearms, shoulders, lower and upper back, traps, abs, hamstrings, glutes, quads, calf, and finally even your feet. Never realized it, isn’t it? But true.

2.Improves endurance levels:

If you have ever tried doing push ups, you would know that it is not an easy exercise to perform. It requires dedication and practice to do it especially when you have to do several ones at a time. However, the benefit of finally doing it is that it not only increases your form but also enhances your endurance levels. Thus it can act as a motivator that leads you to more physically challenging exercises or activities. And this endurance will also stand you in good stead in other activities of life that test your strength and endurance.

3.Helps improve muscle mass:

Muscles are required not only for body builders and wrestlers. In fact, if you are looking at losing weight, it is essential that you look at building your muscle mass. Muscles not only replace the fat in your body, but also help burn more calories for their maintenance, which simply means a leaner, trimmer, and healthier you. Regular push ups improves overall muscle mass, further, this exercise also triggers a growth hormone that boosts muscle growth.

4.Reduces risk of injury:

Most workouts come with its related risk of injuries. The risk of injury in push ups is very less compared to other weight-training exercises. Also, regular workouts using push ups will enhance your general body conditioning reducing your tendency of injuries when doing other workout, especially those involving equipments.

5.All by yourself:

This is one exercise that does not require any equipment or gym membership. All that it needs is your own body. It is your weight that you use to perform this exercise. And it provides you with a lot of health benefits along with saving you time and money.

6.Variety and convenience:

Once you are comfortable with the regular push ups, you can progress to other types of push ups such as inclined push ups, single hand push ups, fingertips push ups, diamond push ups, wide push ups, etc. Bringing variations in this exercise, not only helps to break the monotony of following the same regimen over a long duration, but also helps to concentrate more on particular areas of the body where you want to build up or exercise more. Further, all these different types are simple variations which can be conveniently done anywhere, anytime.

As in all exercise regimens, it is essential that you consult your physician before you start doing push ups, if it’s your first time. Also, learn and practice it the right way, and stop if there is any discomfort. However, once you learn the trick of doing it right and with enough practice, you will soon find that it is one of the best exercises that can keep you fit and going even at times when you can’t get around to going to your gym. So stop giving excuses and start exercising. And what better way to get started than a push up.

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