Benefits Of Push Press

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Benefits of Push Press

The push press is a great shoulder exercise that offers immense advantages if it is performed correctly. Similar to a military press, the push press requires that movement starts from a push by the legs. It mainly targets the deltoid muscle of the shoulder and it provides these benefits;

1. Develops power

The push press is essentially a power workout. Power exercises are workouts that assist in developing explosiveness and the push press is one of them. Actually, performing the push press uses your maximum strength and power in a very short period of time. This action thus helps develop general body power.

2. Provides transferable strength

Sometimes your shoulder workout can stall out due to overuse of one exercise method. The push press can be used in such cases to refresh your muscle and strength gains. Moreover, the strength attained during this workout can be transferred onto similar movements. This means the push press can assist you to get past other press workouts as it conditions the muscles so as to handle heavier weights.

3. Easy to do

Different from other workouts, the push press is very easy to do and it requires less coaching. All you have to do is to bend your knees and then return the gained energy to the dumbbell or bar using a powerful push of the arms and legs. It is a very natural movement as it involves some kind of leg drive.

4. Enhances coordination

Another push press benefit is that it can greatly enhance overall body coordination. It is commonly viewed like an athletic exercise that relates to many kinds of sports ranging from short putt to basketball.

Nonetheless, because the push press momentum is originated from the legs, the lowermost part of the motion range might be under-worked in contrast to the end and middle parts. The shoulder press should thus be used to complement this workout.

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