Benefits Of Pumpkin Seed Oil

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Benefits of Pumpkin Seed Oil

Pumpkin is a famous decoration used for Halloween but is also a nutritious food filled with valuable nutrients and macronutrients, including antioxidants, proteins, carotenoids and phytosterols. Pumpkin is well-known for its nutty flavor as well as its many medicinal and therapeutic purposes. For cooking purposes, you should not use oil.

1. Relieves muscle pains and aches
It is excellent massage oil that works effectively to treat muscle pains and aches. As a precaution, you should check to ensure it doesn’t have too much oil. This is because most manufacturers usually add sunflower oil with the hopes of cutting costs. Keep the oil in the fridge at all times to preserve its effectiveness.

2. Antioxidants
It is an excellent antioxidant that helps combat free radicals responsible for cell damage as well as increased risk to disease. Therefore, consistent use of pumpkin seed oil is the only sure way of preventing the onset of skin disease such as eczema. It is however not advisable to use the oil as a substitute to medication or visit to the doctor.

3. Anti-aging benefits
Its strong anti-inflammatory properties make it effective when it comes to treating skin irritations like acne and redness. Additionally, it is a strong antioxidant that helps keep premature aging at bay by fighting free radicals.

4. Anti-inflammatory effects
Due to its anti-inflammatory effects, it is a great remedy for treating eye problems such as muscular degeneration. Using pumpkin seed oil is also associated with strong bones, less muscle cramps and arthritic pain. Research further shows the oil has calming properties that work effectively to eliminate insomnia and stress.

5. Boosts overall health
It is loaded with vitamins E, C, and omega 3, as well as zinc and calcium – all which help improve your health and general wellness.

Apart from minor stomach discomfort, no significant side effect has been reported after use of pumpkin seed oil.

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