Benefits Of Prison

Benefits of Prison

Of course, loss of freedom to do as you wish and the threat of physical violence will make you fear prison. However, prison can help solve social ills if you can overlook the mentioned vices. In fact, there are a number of reasons you should go to prison. It is however depressing that many young people have no sense of direction and as a result indulge in social ills that lead them to prison. Listed below are the benefits of prison.

1. No cleaning
Think about it, you don’t have to vacuum or wash dishes anymore. And since your possessions are confiscated before you are incarcerated, your vacuum-free days have surely begun. Moreover, you get the opportunity to sleep all day with no constant interruptions from husbands or kids. When you are incarcerated, you get to sleep up to 22 hours daily.

2. Instant wardrobe
The best thing about prison is the fact that you never have to worry of what to wear, because you’ll always shine in your orange jumpsuit. And remembers, ‘’orange” jumpsuits complement all skin types. Prison life is also exciting because you will get scheduled conjugal rites once in a while.

3. Get ripped out
You will have plenty of free time to work out when in prison. For example a famous street boxer turned prisoner used to attacking guards and prison mates. He attributed this to working out in confined spaces. The guy could do 2500 pushups in one hour daily.

4. Job opportunities
Life in prison is easy than most people think –even when you don’t have a resume. In most prisons, more than 1000 inmates offer their valuable services acting as landscapers, cooking, and maintaining equipment and building. You’ll always have something to do in prison.

Prison life is not for the meek since physical violence is the order of the day.

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