Benefits Of Prenatal Vitamins

Benefits of Prenatal Vitamins

Prenatal vitamins are supplements taken during and before pregnancy to prevent birth defects. Many doctors prescribe these vitamins because they provide calcium, iron and folic acid needed during the period of lactation. They provide the much needed vitamins to promote healthy development of the baby.

1. Improves nervous and circulatory system

Prenatal vitamins provide calcium that help to build stronger bones and teeth in baby and mother. It not only improves function of the nervous system, but also boosts circulatory and muscular systems during and after childbirth. Moreover, calcium supplements reduce the risk of osteoporosis associated to calcium deficiency in the body.

2. Prevents anemia

Vitamin supplement help both baby and mother carry oxygen, thereby promoting the growth and development of muscle cells. In addition, it also prevents anemia and reduce the risk of premature labor. The common symptoms of anemia include tiredness, fatigue, and may also lead to other serious complications during pregnancy.

3. Reduces the risk of spinal cord defects

Folic acid found in vitamin supplements play a role in preventing defects of the neural tube, which may lead to serious complications in the spinal cord. It is also beneficial since it help to prevent premature labor. Additionally, folic acid prevents a serious defect commonly known as hydrocephalus, caused by the accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain.

4. Prevent diseases

Calcium found in vitamin supplement can also prevent bone weakness during and after pregnancy, as well as providing the baby with the much needed calcium for bone development. It reduces the risk of osteoporosis, a disease associated with calcium deficiency.

5. Eradicates migraines and nausea

Prenatal vitamins provide essential mineral such as iron and calcium, which help to reduce fatigue and shortness of breath during and after pregnancy. They reduce the risk of frequent migraines, diseases and infection.

Although prenatal vitamins have numerous health benefits, excessive consumption can cause queasy feelings or nausea and may lead to digestive problems, including constipation and acid reflux.

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