Benefits Of Praise

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Benefits of Praise

Providing sincere recognition to your friend for an exemplary performance is the simplest yet effective way of improving his self-esteem. Praising others sincerely and generously will give them a positive outlook towards life. Therefore, make a point to praise when deserved as it has an impact on someone’s poise and confidence.

1. Emphasize on the positive
Paying close attention to those around your will give you a chance to spot their accomplishments, thus makes it possible to give genuine praise. When you praise someone on his/her performance, always make sure you are genuine and enjoy the feeling of personal satisfaction and self-worth.
2. Prevents defensive conduct
Although most folks enjoy being critical of others, psychologists argue that this is a form of being counter-productive. Showing kindness and patience on the other hand will help you feel more happy and relaxed. When you are contented, it is easy to praise others for their accomplishments.

3. Strengthens relationships
Practicing kindness and patience to those around you will draw people closer to you, which gives you a chance to praise them for the simplest of things. Your praise can mean a lot especially to your children. When you learn the importance of praise, you will be in a position to extend warmth and affection to those around you.

4. Facilitates achievement
Praise actually helps to bring out the best in others. In other words, it acts as gateway to achievement, helping others develop competence and self-esteem. Present your kids with a challenge, such as attaining the top position in exams, and applaud their success. This is a great way of recognizing their achievement.

5. Social cohesion
Nurturing positive sentiments like gratitude and admiration makes us happy and relaxed. Praise can help create social cohesion.
Praise should be given only when deserved for better relationships and pleasant feeling.

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