Benefits of PPTP

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Benefits of PPTP

PPTP is a protocol that is normally used in a VPN. The merits of using PPTP usually vary with the specific needs of a client. However, there are some benefits that all PPTP users should expect and they are listed below.

1. Better security

When virtual private networks are created, private tunnels are also created to the internet in order for the computers to communicate without needing hard-wired or tangible connections. As soon as the links have been established by tunneling, PPTP usually takes over so as to manage the security and transmission. Hence, PPTP offers sufficient security to a VPN.

2. Improved control

PPTP works through separating the data into two kinds of messages, which are data messages and control messages. This fact makes using PPTP simpler in terms of both control and management. This is because PPTP has the capability of sending messages both over the normal IP protocols and also over IPX protocols.

3. Simple to use

The other benefit of PPTP using is the fact that is simple to setup and it is also easily accessible. In fact, it needs low bandwidth for operating. This means many users can use one connection without inhibiting transmission. Furthermore, PPTP supports several forms of security such as encryption, packet filtering and authentication.

4. Low cost

An important PPTP benefit for small business is its low cost of operation. It is easily affordable and it also requires limited special hardware as compared to other protocols. In fact, it usually comes free of charge with many operating systems. Hence, it might be the most affordable choice for an organization that does not want to spend lots of money setting up a VPN.

Besides these benefits, there are also demerits to using PPTP. A major one is that the connection can be attacked or hijacked during data transmission.

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