Benefits Of Power Yoga

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yogaBenefits Of Power Yoga

Power Yoga is the modified western version of Indian Ashtanga Yoga that emphasizes the development of a person’s physical flexibility and fosters the need for self-discipline.Â’ The conception of Power Yoga was pioneered to the Western world by followers of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, a well-known Sanskrit scholar. He inspired the western yogis with the Indian Ashtanga Yoga style and beliefs. It is a type of yoga that has the potential of rigorous workout for the whole body and promotes concentration and mental stability. But be aware that this form of yoga practice might hurt you in the beginning. However it is quite useful for the body and its numerous benefits include:

1.Detoxifies the body.
Practice of power yoga helps in the detoxification of the body. Various toxins produced in the body come out through sweat.

2.Helps in weight loss.
Power yoga burns the extra calories in the body and also enhances the calorie burning ability of the body. It thus helps inÂ’ getting rid of excessive body weight and cures problem of obesity.

3.Helps in treating many diseases.
Regular practice of power yoga helps in coping with many diseases like cancer, asthma, bronchitis, insomnia and sinus.

4.Helps in improving blood circulation.
Power yoga improves the circulation of blood to various parts of the body. It thus helps to improve cellular oxidation, and body metabolism.

5.Improves concentration.
Performance and practice of power yoga helps to improve concentration. It thus improves the overall performance of the person in his work field of and brings about self-control.

6.Improves posture.
The various yoga exercises improve the posture of the person. It also provides strength, flexibility and stamina to the body.

7.Boosts the immune system.
Regular practice of power yoga improves the supply of oxygen to the body cells. This results in many benefits like improved digestion, metabolism all leading to boosting up the immunity of the body.

8.Acts as a stress reliever.
Power yoga helps in relieving physical fatigue, psychological problems like stress, anxiety and depression.

9.Beneficial for sportsmen.
This type of yoga helps to improve the performance of sportsmen in certain sports such as cycling, football, golf and swimming.

Power YogaÂ’ helps in developing the physical, mental and spiritual powers of the persons. It is also a superb means of achieving excellence of mind. It is a way to gain a beautiful, absolutely fit andÂ’ healthy body and thus should be regularly practiced by all.

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