Benefits Of Potassium

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bananaBenefits Of Potassium
Potassium is one of the most vital minerals and is found in abundance in the human body. A sufficient quantity of potassium in the body is a representative of good health. Potassium is an electrolyte that neutralizes body acids and restores the alkaline salts into the bloodstream. Potassium along with sodium works in all the body cells and at the nerve synapses to maintain the membrane potentials. It also assists and enhances various metabolic processes in the body. The many health benefits of potassium are

1.Prevents the occurrence of strokes in human brain.
Potassium plays a key role in keeping the human brain in normal working state. It prevents stroke in human brain. People suffering from this disease are usually found deficient in potassium.

2.Helps to maintain blood sugar levels.
Insufficient intake of potassium reduces its levels in the bloodstream causing a drop in the level of blood sugar. This in turn causes sweating, trembling, weakness, headache and nervousness. Immediate intake of potassium chloride provides relief from such a situation.

3.Potassium prevents muscle cramps.
Low levels of potassium result in muscle cramps. This condition is commonly known as hypokalemia. Bananas have a rich content of potassium and should be eaten regularly to avoid any deficiency of this vital mineral.

4.Improves the brain function.

Potassium plays an important role in upholding the electrical conductivity of the brain. It also has a great influence on routine brain functions and higher functions like memorizing and learning.

5.Improves psychological conditions like stress.

Potassium is helpful in improving psychological conditions like stress and anxiety. It acts as an efficient stress buster and ensures competent mental performance of the brain.

6.Aids in maintain water balance of the body.
Another significant function of Potassium is to maintain appropriate water balance in the human body. Some body cells require proper water balance for their proper functioning. Potassium aids in regulating the water balance of these cells and improves their functioning.

7.Provides strength to muscles.
Potassium helps in proper growth of the muscle tissues of the body. It also aids in correct utilization of energy that is released during various metabolic processes and thus adds to the muscular strength of the body.

Potassium is vital for our nerve and cardiovascular functioning. It is also helpful in regulating the movement of nutrients into body cells and facilitates the muscle energy. The most significant function of potassium is that it controls the water balance in the body and has restorative powers in the body. The lifestyle and diets of people all over the world has become unhealthy. They seldom eat the desired quantities of potassium every day. It is therefore important to include nutritional supplements in your daily routine so that the body gets the desired doses of this vital mineral and is prevents fro the sufferings of several harmful and fatal diseases.

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