Benefits Of Pot

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Benefits of Pot

Medical marijuana or pot is popularly known for its pain relieving properties, particularly in pain management linked to serious illnesses like cancer and multiple sclerosis. Ingesting or smoking this natural herb offers the body numerous benefits as explained below.

1. Enhances appetite

Pot, which is actually legal in certain states, has been shown to be an effective natural method of increasing a person’s appetite. It is prescribed to assist cancer patients in maintaining healthy weight. In such cases, vaporizing or smoking small amounts of pot is recommended to enhance your appetite.

2. Slows down cancer

Many people think that smoking pot causes lung cancer since you are inhaling smoke similar to smoking cigarettes. Cigarette smoke can cause cancer since tobacco found in cigarettes is radiated unlike marijuana. Actually, research indicates that pot works to considerably limit growth of tumors in the breasts, brain and lungs.

3. Antispasmodic properties

Pot has antispasmodic properties that are very useful with regards to treating seizures. It relaxes muscles and this enables people with seizures to function much better after using pot.

4. Easy to swallow

If you do not want to smoke pot, there are other methods of ingesting that you can consider. For instance, there are baked goods, oils and butters among many other natural methods that you could possibly use. This makes pot the simplest medicine to use.

5. Treats migraines

Ever since the legalization of marijuana in California, studies indicate more than 250,000 successfully treated cases of painful migraines. Pot is therefore even more efficient than conventional medicine.

6. Prevents Alzheimer’s

Recent research regarding pot and Alzheimer’s shows that pot is beneficial in guarding against Alzheimer’s. Pot works through blocking brain deposits that cause Alzheimer’s.

Along with these medical benefits, pot also has certain demerits. For instance, it can easily cause addiction and overdependence on the drug.

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