Benefits Of Popcorn

Benefits of Popcorn

Popcorn is popular treat eaten by most people as they watch movies at home or in movie theaters. The benefits of popcorn are not only restricted to making movies more enjoyable since they also enhance a person’s health. Further down are benefits of popcorn.

1. Contains lots of minerals

An outstanding benefit of popcorn is that it contains a lot of important minerals in it. It supplies high amounts of phosphorous and iron. Popcorn also provides calcium even though not as much as other calcium producers like milk. Red blood cells require iron while bones and teeth must have calcium and phosphorous. Popcorn offers an excellent source of the aforementioned minerals.

2. High fiber content

Popcorn has high insoluble fiber content and this means that you are going to stay fuller for longer periods of time. Since the body does not digest insoluble fiber, the fiber cleans up the digestive system prior to being eliminated as waste. Insoluble fiber present in popcorn also helps control digestion while reducing colon cancer risk.

3. Whole grain

Health experts recommend that you eat 3 whole grain servings every day. Whole grains such as popcorn usually have their seeds intact, which comprises of the endosperm, bran and germ. Whole grains have high vitamin B content, which regulates metabolism and aids the function of immune system. They also reduce the chances of developing diabetes and heart complications.

4. Antioxidant properties

Popcorn and cereals contain the same antioxidant properties like vegetables and fruits. Polyphenols are useful antioxidants that reduce cancer risk. In addition, antioxidants fight oxidation and also ageing. Even though health experts initially thought only vegetables and fruits contained antioxidants, various whole grains such as popcorn also do.

Popcorn does not have any disadvantages; however the option you use for toppings can turn this healthy grub into a harmful one.

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