Benefits Of Pom

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Benefits of Pom

Pomegranate juice is popular due to a number of reasons, but do you know its health benefits? Well, studies show that pomegranate juice contains a wide range of health benefits. Read on and learn some of the reasons you should consume pomegranate juice on a daily basis.

1. Reduces cancer risk
According to recent studies, consumption of pomegranate juice helps to slow the progression of cancerous cells and can prevent onset of breast cancer. In one study, researchers administered a dose of pomegranate juice to mice and came to the conclusion that it inhibits the development of prostrate cancer. Studies are ongoing to determine whether the juice has the same effect on humans.

2. Antioxidant effects
Pomegranate juice is high in antioxidant effects that help combat free radicals that cause cell damage, as well as increased risk to disease. With that said, it is advisable to add this nutritious juice into your daily nutrition for improved cell health and general wellness.

3. Lowers cholesterol
Pomegranate juice lowers ‘’bad” cholesterol and raise ‘’good” cholesterol, protecting you against risk of heart attack and other cardiovascular related complications such as atherosclerosis. Additionally, research shows that consumption of pomegranate juice also helps to lower high blood pressure.

4. Boosts cardiovascular health
You can include pomegranate juice in your daily nutrition to prevent the onset of heart attack and other heart related complications like atherosclerosis and stoke. However, you should consume it in moderate amounts to avert potential side effects.

5. Lowers risk of Alzheimer’s disease
It may help prevent and slow progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Although studies are ongoing to determine whether these theories are factual, researchers are hopeful they will get positive results. On the other hand, high antioxidant effects in pomegranate juice help to keep premature aging signs at bay.
No adverse side effect has been reported with consumption of pomegranate juice. Nonetheless, it is advisable to consume it in moderate amounts.

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