Benefits Of PNG

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Benefits of PNG

There are many kinds of image file formats currently and it is important to familiarize yourself with each one of them. Basically, they help you to organize and store image files in a way that is easily accessible. For instance, lossless is a popular technique that is used to lessen the image but may affect its quality. However, it discards anything that is obscure to you, which means one cannot distinguish everything on the picture.

1. Greater compression

Now when you compare JPEG files with PNG or other file formats, you will realize that the major difference is on features namely transparency, compression and color depth. PNG, for instance has greater compression than JPEG formats.

2. Gamma

PGN images also allow you to change gamma on the monitor settings. Often, you will realize that images look much lighter when seen on a Mackintosh than when watched on Windows XP. This simply means that gamma information is viewed in its original form.

3. Better interlacing

When broadcasting a larger image, it is wonderful to see the image slowly take form rather than waiting a few minutes before it appears. PNG is either viewed progressively or interlaced, whereby PNG interlacing begins by filling in all empty spaces with an inserted color value. After every time frame, more data is rendered, which in turn replaces the inserted color with other colors until the information is rendered.

4. Transparency

PNG file format offer more choices of transparency than GIF format, which can only accommodate 8 bits of color. PNG on the other hand can take 48 bits of true color. This simply means that you will have images or photos that are smother and precise in color.

PNG unfortunately lack browser supports but they are gradually catching up. Even though both Internet Explorer and Netscape read PNG photos, other browsers only read 8-bit transparency.

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