Benefits Of PMS

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Benefits of PMS

There many benefits to having regular periods, according to recent studies. Menstruation can actually improve your emotional, mental and physical health. However, many women don’t realize its benefits while others associate it with mood changes and depression. Well, here are the benefits of having your period.

1. Slows down aging signs

Did you know the getting your period can help keep signs of aging at bay? Yes, this is definitely possible. According to leading experts, women age slowly as compared to men since menstruation causes depletion of iron in the body. Irons nourish free radicals responsible for cell damage, as well as increased risk of stroke, Alzheimer’s disease and heart attack. Therefore, losing irons through menstruation can increase lifespan in women.

2. Prevents diseases

Menstruation also offers hints of diseases. Doctors can tell whether the menstrual blood has any signs of infections, thereby prevent diseases. It helps to provide invaluable information about the woman’s health.

3. Increases libido

Monthly period can improve sexual satisfaction. During menstruation, production of testosterone increases which in turn increases libido, which can make sex better (and is the primary benefit of having your period!). But, pregnancy is still inevitable if contraception is not used during intercourse, because the sperm has long lifespan.

4. Regulates hormonal changes

Regular periods provide valuable information that help to monitor hormonal changes. In fact, having regular periods is a sign of hormonal balance, provided you are not in menopause, nursing or pregnant. Although most women often associate premenstrual syndrome with hormonal changes, it is in the absence of these hormones during menstruation that cause mood change and depression.

5. Improves your appearance

Your period can also improve your appearance and mood. Menstruation actually triggers a substantial improvement in your well-being, but premenstrual syndrome does not offer similar benefits to having a period.

Many women often find it uncomfortable to suppress menstrual bleeding and have difficulty determining whether they are pregnant or not.

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