Benefits Of Playing an Instrument

Benefits of Playing an Instrument

Ever wondered why people love playing instruments like the guitar, piano, flute or saxophone? Well, there are thousands of reasons to encourage you to learn an instrument. Here are top benefits of playing musical instruments.

1. Improves intellectual capacity

According to recent studies, students who play musical instruments perform better in science compared to those who never participate in music. However, did you actually know that learning an instrument will help improve your IQ? Well, you can excel in other subjects by playing musical instruments.

2. Patience and discipline

Discipline and patience are some of the virtues you need to learn to help you master a musical instrument. The patience required to learn an instrument will also improve your coping skills in everyday activities, improving your confidence as well as self-esteem.

3. Alleviates stress

Feeling stressed? Playing an instrument is a great way to have a piece of wind, away from the busy work schedules. Creating music help to calm tempers, alleviate high blood pressure and even pacify the mind.

4. Express your feelings

Ever wondered whether there is a better way to relieve stress other than the popular punching bag? Playing any music instrument can help solve your problems, irrespective of whether you are a newbie or not. If you are depressed, play something slow and sad.

5. Fun

Playing any instrument in fun, especially your friends help you compose music. Playing music unleashes your inner being, which help you express your true feelings.

6. Impress your friends

Let’s say you are invited to a party and a beautiful woman/ handsome asks you to play an instrument. I am certain that you will impress your friends when you entertain them with their favorite tunes.

Learning a new instrument is time consuming as well as expensive, especially if you want to hire private tutors.

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