Benefits of Plasma Donation

Benefits of Plasma Donation

Plasma is one vital constituent of the human body. The plasma protein is used to treat rare diseases and even chronic ailment. In fact, it is highly needed to treat genetic diseases. Donating plasma simply helps other to live a good life, and when there is no such complication involved in this said donation type, it is always a good idea to act accordingly. The idea of donation is still a serious confusion among people, and it is seen that people who somehow agreed to donate plasma at the first instance eventually becomes a regular donor in the long run.

Millions of children and adults all over the world suffer from serious diseases, and all they want is just a little co-operation with plasma donation.

Here are some few benefits that can be derived from plasma donation:

  • Donation of plasma is a real need and in fact many countries like United States offer compensation to individuals who have agreed for the cause. Though the compensation rates vary based upon the rules and regulation as set by different medical facilities but in general one can receive around $50 – $60 per week.

  • There are even high chances to get compensation from referral sources. Many donation centres offer promotional campaign for first time visitors, compensate those who can bring other friends and for continuing the donation process;

  • Plasma donation is still a misnomer among people and in fact not all are aware of it. Donating plasma on a periodic basis helps save lives which are one real cause to boast for.

  • For those who are aware of plasma donation, they take it easy and consider it to be as a nice break amidst hectic schedules. Many centres offer babysitting services and have the facility of Wi-Fi connection and other recreational services for the donors.


In order get qualified as a plasma donor, one should be at least eighteen years of age. A donor should be healthy as they should weigh at least hundred and ten pounds. Moreover, they should also pass a medical test in order to be sure of no contamination which can spread to others. Individual suffering from diseases such as HIV or hepatitis are unable to offer a donation. For eligible candidates, the medical facilities prescribe fifty to eight grams of protein in their daily diet.

However before getting prepared for donation, one should stay fully hydrated by consuming good amount of juice or water. Furthermore if one has undergone any surgery they should let the donor bank get aware on the same. If at any point of time one has acquired tattoo within twelve months from the date of donation that should also be informed well ahead. For individuals who are continuing medication for a long time should inform the facility beforehand.

The need for plasma is immense and with some simple medical screening and discussing with the doctors one can find his or her status for further donation.

Donation of plasma does not have any side effects. It is not like losing a vital part of the body. One may feel a bit of nausea or dizziness after donation, but that’s again temporary.

To conclude donating plasma is simple and is just a perfect way to help many lives.

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