Benefits of Piracy

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Whatever the extensive arguments concerning the legality or morality of using something that you have not paid for, piracy is cheaper and highly convenient. Piracy is therefore a tempting choice for most people and it continues to happen all over the world.

1. Better distribution

The piracy market is able to satisfy the fans in a way that the normal retail market cannot. For example, most of the times some record companies fail to produce certain songs on the basis that they are not commercial enough. This deprives fans of great content. However, thanks to piracy, fans can get hold of unreleased songs from the internet.

2. Simple process

The best thing about internet usage is the fact that music enthusiasts are not limited to what certain creatively deaf record companies think they have to hear. Nowadays, records can be easily shared amounts the various file sharing websites. Piracy has also given fans access to lots of high quality live music and other extra features that would otherwise be very hard to access.

3. Permanent copies

The piracy market allows consumers to keep lasting copies of items that creative industries might not want them to own. As such, you can store enjoyable episodes of your favorite series for posterity or even save an interesting football match. Moreover, you can even share a fascinating article that may otherwise be buried inside a website that requires payment for access.

4. Unrestricted access

To be an enthusiast means that you are always searching for more. Piracy has catered for the compulsion of having an access to new things. It is therefore not simply the appeal linked to a free film or record that sustains piracy, but it is compulsion of consumption from fans.

Unless the industries affected stop limiting what people can hear and see, piracy will continue retaining its great creative importance.

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