Benefits of phthalates

Benefits of phthalates

Phthalates refer to a chemical group that are commonly used to make plastics more fluid and/or more flexible. Chemicals that belong to this chemical group are used to make various household and industrial products like PVC tubes, electric wire covers, flooring products, beauty products, and plastic products among others. Phthalates are considered very useful because of the following benefits:

1. Durability

For various plastic and rubber-based products, phthalates are common additives to add fluidity and flexibility. The best thing about phthalates is that these chemicals also make various materials more durable and sturdy. Plastic toys for example are expected to last longer because of their phthalates content.

2. Ease of use

Phthalates are also commonly used in the manufacture of beauty and cosmetic products because they are easy to use and handle. These chemical compounds are known to be good solubilizers and this simply translates to easy solubility of various other chemicals that are needed to create a certain beauty product.

3. Low cost

For some product manufacturers, the main benefit of using phthalates is they are cheap to acquire and therefore translating to lower product production costs. Products produced with some phthalate additives can literally be marketed at prices that can generate good profits for various companies.

Although there are various concerns regarding the use of phthalates in various household products and cosmetics, these chemicals are still widely used in various industries because of the durability and strength it provides to products and the lower cost it entails in terms of production. Despite concerns regarding the supposed link of phthalates to cancers, the use of these chemicals continues to become legal in most countries. There are also studies that prove that chemicals belong to the phthalates group do not actually accumulate in the body and are easily excreted and therefore considered safe and non-toxic.

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