Benefits Of PGD

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Benefits of PGD

PGD or pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis is a renowned technology that is involved in testing embryos. It screens embryos to find whether the parent has genetic defects that can affect the young one. Typically, PDG work hand in hand with vitro fertilization to allow movement of embryos that are thought to be free from specific disease into a female to induce pregnancy.

1. Detects genetic disorders and diseases

PGN presents many benefits in regards to maintaining health of the embryos. Albeit controversial, doctors can screen your embryo to identify whether you have any disease to ensure the baby is healthy. This indeed provides a great opportunity to save your child’s life if he has terminal disease, although this might often present moral and ethical consideration. Moreover, embryos rejected can be donated to help in medical research, but with consent from the parents.

2. Increases chance of conception

PGD is typically used to ascertain that embryos are healthy before they are considered safe for implantation. This presents numerous obvious benefits. For starters, it significantly increases your chance of conception by eliminating genetic factors that often lead to subsequent miscarriage. Moreover, it helps women avoid the trauma caused by multiple terminations that may be caused by genetic factors.

3. Aids in medical research

Rejected embryos that are affected by genetic factors can be donated to help in medical research, but consent from both parents is a prerequisite. This would solve the problem of insufficient stem cells needed in the development of treatment of genetic diseases.

4. Lowers risk of birth defects

Statistic show that cases of birth defects that have been reported range between 4 to 5 percent. Nonetheless, this rate is similar to the birth defects discovered in babies that have not undergone through the PGD.

PGD also has its share of limitations apart from the many benefits it offers. Since it normally analyzes singe cells, there might be a false positive when multiple cells form during mitosis.

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