Benefits of Persimmon


Persimmon which is also known as the ‘Divine Fruit’ is an edible fruit that falls in the species of trees that are known as Diospyros. This fruit is generally found during the autumn months. Although there are several varieties of Persimmon available in the market, but among them the most popular one is the fruit which has a Chinese origin known as Diospyros Kaki or even as Japanese Persimmon.

Although the Persimmon fruit with its bright orange colored skin resembles the vegetable Tomato by its appearance, but in reality Persimmon is a berry.

Persimmon is a low calorie fruit which is available in both astringent and non-astringent variants and can be savored in its raw form and even dried. This fruit is also used for preparing a variety of culinary dishes, which also includes puddings.

Persimmon is rich in minerals like Calcium and Phosphorous, and also contains vitamins like Vitamin A and Vitamin C.

Although it’s a low calorie food, nevertheless this fruit comes with some wonderful health benefits which has been illustrated below:

An excellent fruit that helps in weight loss

Persimmon is a regular medium sized fruit that seldom weighs over 168 gm and also offers just 31 gm carbohydrate. Persimmon hardly has any fat contents in it. Hence this fruit is an ideal friend for anyone who wants to shed their few extra pounds.

An excellent source of phytochemicals

Persimmon is an ideal fruit that is rich in assorted varieties of phytochemicals such as – Polyphenolic antioxidants and Catechins. As Catechin is a well-known for its anti-infective and anti-inflammatory agent, eating Persimmons aids in warding off unwanted infections and inflammatory reaction in our body.

Anti-hemorrhagic properties

Japanese Persimmons has been used for controlling bleedings. It is a fruit that has been well accepted for its anti-hemorrhagic properties since time immemorial.

Aids in digestion

The fibers of this fruit has been found essentially good for our bowel movements. Regular intake of this fruit can help in alleviating constipations and bowel related problems, thus paving way for restoring a healthy digestive system. The Tannins that are present in this fruit helps in regulating our intestinal movements and when taken as a medicine offers relief from diseases like diarrhea.

Helpful for diabetic patients

All patients those who suffer from Diabetes gets hunger cravings and that too quite often. As Persimmons are very rich in there fiber contents, this food can be relished by all diabetic patients to curb their hunger pangs instantaneously. It has also been found that this fruit is even a great medicine for regulating the level of sugar in our blood.

Aids people with hypertension

When sodium is included in diet it can always trigger hypertension for people who suffer from high blood pressure ailments. This fruit is known to contain low sodium level and so it can be consumed everyday as a part of balanced low sodium diet, for aiding patients who suffers from hypertension.

Apart from the above mentioned health benefits is has also been found that the cooper content that is found in this ‘Divine Fruit’ Persimmon, helps in formation of red blood cells in our body.

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