Benefits of peer pressure

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Benefits of peer pressure

Peer pressure is literally a sense of pressure from peers or other people. It involves the’ other people’ influence on one’s attitude or behavior in order to gain acceptance within a’ particular group. At first glance, peer pressure may be considered as negative but it can’ also provide some benefits. Below are some of these benefits:

1. Efficiency and productivity

In the case of students, pressure from classmates or group mates may actually motivate a’ person to become better in certain tasks, activities, subjects. When one belongs to a circle’ of friends and these friends become influential in terms of study habits, one may actually’ gain from the pressure and become more efficient in doing homework which can also lead
to better productivity. This same concept can also be applied to the workplace where each’ employee may actually become better if there are peers that also perform their best.

2. Tolerance and flexibility

Those who want acceptance from a peer group for example will also develop some’ adaptation and adjustment skills. By conforming to a particular group of friends, one will’ also learn to be more tolerant of the different personalities involved in the common group.’ Overall, one will gain flexibility and patience towards other people by simply trying to fit in a

3. Better perspective

Being part of a group that has some kind of influence on one’s behavior, attitudes, and’ decisions may also help a person gain a better understanding of his/her own life and’ the other people’s lives. Trying to fit in and wanting to be accepted involves a lot of’ patience, flexibility, compromise, and understanding and these could help one gain a better

As long as one is able to use the influence from friends in a positive light, he/she should be’ able to gain from it in terms of better attitude, performance, and understanding of others.’ The main point in peer pressure is that one should make sure to not be swayed easily by’ other people and instead think of the pros and cons before trying to yield or fit in the group.

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