Benefits Of PCR

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Benefits of PCR

PCR signifies polymerase chain reaction and it is a very good technique of DNA testing. It uses very tiny samples for identifying the DNA of individuals. Further below are some of the main benefits of using PCR.

1. Amplifies DNA

The main advantage of PCR in the field of forensic science is that scientists can utilize it for amplifying it or making several copies of parts of the DNA that widely vary between different people, known as VNTRs. This device can easily amplify whichever small amounts of the DNA attained. Through comparing the various VNTRs, scientists can determine if the DNA sample is a match as compared to the defendant’s DNA.

2. Law enforcement

PCR is the best technique for legal investigations and crimes where only small amounts of DNA are acquired. Actually, other DNA testing methods may not be capable of identifying DNA where there are fewer samples. The outcomes of most investigations nowadays depend on the quantity and quality of DNA samples attained. Since PCR duplicates the available samples through transcription, it improves the likelihood of identifying the source of the DNA samples. Using this PCR technique, many offenses have been successfully solved.

3. Better HIV test

PCR is also quite useful in HIV testing as it is more sensitive and accurate. Instead of searching for the presence of HIV antibodies, PCR directly looks for pro-viral DNA. The complexity of this test makes it 98% accurate at 29 days from an assumed exposure or contact. It is this accuracy that makes this particular testing method the chosen format of testing in high risk situations, including where children are born by HIV-positive women.

The only shortcoming of using PCR is that it has an exceptionally high sensitivity and thus the chances of contamination from viruses and bacteria are also high.

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