Benefits of Paneer

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Benefits of Paneer

Paneer – often referred as Indian cheese is one of the most common food items known for its health benefit. It is prepared mainly from the milk of the goat, sheep or cows and adding citric acid or vinegar to separate the curd from whey. Paneer is very similar to the taste of ricotta cheese, but differs in look since paneer comes in the form of a block.

Though the main mode to prepare paneer is relatively same in all cases, however, sometimes the preparation methods differ based upon the region. For instance in the eastern part of India and Bangladesh paneer is prepared by beating the curds in hand to come up with a dough-like consistency. This type of paneer usually tastes salty but soft in nature.

Paneer is a delicacy especially to the vegetarians. There are varieties of preparation that can be made from this item, and moreover it is not at all rich which makes it effective for easy digestion. In fact if one is planning to switch from non-vegetarian to a vegetarian diet, paneer is just the perfect substitute.Different varieties of paneer preparations are available and are served widely in restaurants. ‘ 

Rich in taste, Paneer, comes with a lot of health benefits. Some of the most common benefits are mentioned below:

  • Paneer is probably one of the healthiest food which is a powerhouse of nutrients and is one of a popular item especially for vegetarians.

  • Being rich in high protein Paneer is an ideal choice to be a part of daily meal.

  • Rich in calcium, eating Paneer helps to maintain strong teeth and bones and even helps to prevent osteoporosis.

  • Eating paneer helps to manage lower body weight, and it also helps to curb insulin in the body.

  • Paneer is often recommended by physicians as it reduces the chance of cancer.

  • Paneer is beneficial to curb joint pain.

  • Paneer can be prepared without using much oil and if it is cooked perfectly with minimal spices and herbs it doesn’t fall heavy on the digestive system.

  • Paneer is one of the common available food item having no salt which in turn helps to control blood pressure and even hypertension.

Paneer is a simple food and in this current health conscious society it is slowly becoming a staple food for all household. For Indians where there are prevailing custom among some religious members to follow strict veggie diet, Paneer is considered the best substitute. Even these days the idea to use paneer as a diet is gaining prominence in the west.

Paneer is, in fact, not a very new food item. It has its presence from age-old time and is often used to get prepared at home. However gaining the commercial benefits of this food item, Paneer slowly took shape as a ready-made product available these days in the market. Searching for paneer cuisines on the internet yields a good number of different preparations, all of which are delicious and healthy. So if you are still unaware of this delicacy, ensure to try for once, and it will surely be a pleasurable treat.

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