Benefits Of Ozone

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Benefits of Ozone

Ozone refers to a trace constituent that occurs naturally in the air. It is actually an unstable water-soluble bluish gas that has a very distinctive scent, which is easily recognizable. Apart from being a strong oxidizer, ozone has several other key benefits.
1. Removes mold
Ozone can be used in cleaning up and doing away with any mold present in a house, especially on the walls. Extra care should be observed since ozone also eats any organic material like natural rubber and wood. This means that it will destroy and kill the mold very quickly, but monitoring is essential to ensure there is no damage to property. This benefit is quite important for people who cannot afford professional ozone treatments, which might cost lots of money.
2. Purifies water
Many companies and municipalities all over the world are using ozone for cleaning and purifying their water. The major reason why chlorine is put into water in various townships is because the water has to travel via pipelines and ozone typically breaks down over time. However, purifying water with ozone gives it a great taste. It is also a good mouth wash. The ozone kills germs present in the mouth and refreshes you. This helps in fighting periodontal diseases.
3. Purifies air
The most popular ozone application is purifying the air present in your office or house. There are several machines that are responsible for doing this. You could possibly turn the machines on for about two hours to clean your living area of cigarette smoke, bad smells and cooking smells among others. An additional advantage is that you are going to also get cleaner oxygen for respiration.
4. Removes fungus
For people who are plagued with toe fungus, then you ought to consider using ozone. Running this gas over your feet or soaking your feet in some water that contains ozone, helps to relieve the symptoms.
Nevertheless, monitoring and controlling an ozone system to ascertain total sterilization is very expensive.

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