Benefits Of Ozone Therapy

Benefits of Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy basically refers to oxygen therapy and it is administered by an experienced and trained practitioner. During this particular type of therapy, ozone in its pure form is introduced into a person’s body. This ozone introduction is what provides the numerous ozone therapy benefits.

1. Treats chronic fatigue

An alternative treatment method of chronic fatigue is actually through using ozone therapy. This happens through injecting ozone in various body parts, particularly where you experience the most fatigue. Recent studies revealed that the symptoms of their chronic fatigue disappeared completely after using ozone therapy.

2. Aids detoxification

Ozone therapy increases the amount of available oxygen in the body and this helps the natural detoxification process. It could possibly reduce poisoning caused by inhaling carbon monoxide.

3. Increases blood circulation

Ozone introduction due to ozone therapy increases oxygen absorption into the blood. This leads to an improved blood circulation and oxygen is transported efficiently to the organs and tissues in the body. Ozone increases the elasticity and flexibility of the red blood cells. This greatly helps their transportation through tiny capillaries, making blood circulation more efficient.

4. Boosts immune system

Ozone therapy stimulates white blood cell production, which is required for fighting infections. Ozone also has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties that strengthen a person’s immune system. By enhancing blood circulation, ozone therapy assists injured muscles and tissues repair quicker.

5. Loosens muscles

A major ozone therapy benefit is that it helps to loosen and relax muscles through reducing lactic acid build up. It increases tissue oxygenation and helps to provide relief to aching muscles. This is the main reason why most athletes use ozone therapy after their training sessions to help them recover quickly.

The main disadvantage of ozone therapy is the fact that it is not allowed officially in most countries. However, it is still practiced in most private therapy services worldwide.

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