Benefits Of Oysters

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Benefits of Oysters

Oysters are a common culinary delight among people who enjoy seafood. They are well known for their distinctive texture and taste when steamed or boiled. This particular meal provides the body several positive nutritional benefits.
1. Excellent protein source
Oysters provide a great protein source, specifically tyrosine, which is an essential amino acid. These amino acids are responsible for producing proteins and also assist in regulating stress and mood levels. The protein derived from oysters has a very high quality and is generally simpler to digest as compared to land based types of proteins like beef and chicken.
2. Benefits the skin
An oyster rich diet helps in maintaining proper collagen levels present in a person’s skin. This gives the skin the capability of retaining its elasticity while delaying the occurrence of wrinkles. It also contains high calcium and vitamin A levels that are vital for healthy eyesight, bones and blood.
3. Acts as an aphrodisiac
A popular benefit of oysters is the fact that they are potent aphrodisiacs. In fact, there are some scientific proofs to substantiate this claim. A recent study showed that oysters have certain amino acids which are responsible for increasing the levels of sex hormones estrogen and testosterone. Increased testosterone levels usually have a beneficial effect on sensual response.
4. Low in calories and fat
Oysters contain 50 mg of cholesterol in each serving and this figure is within the recommended amount of lower than 250 mg daily. This means that they also contain low levels of fat. With such a profile, everyone can enjoy oysters in moderation.
5. Great vitamin source
Oysters also contain several vitamins such as vitamins A, C, B and D. These vitamins help in preventing diseases and increasing the overall health of the body.
Since oysters have high sodium content, they are a poor option for individuals with heart complications and hypertension.

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