Benefits Of Oxygen Therapy

Benefits of Oxygen Therapy

We all know that oxygen plays an integral role of making certain that plants and animals stay alive. Oxygen is vital to ensure you’re natural, physiological, and biological functions work together in a faultless and healthy manner. Nonetheless, in cases of heart attack or lung damage, body fluids may not receive sufficient oxygen to perform their duties efficiently. Oxygen therapy is the process of giving your body sufficient oxygen to ensure your organs remain healthy.
1. Hypoxemia
This is a rare condition that occurs when a person lacks adequate amount of oxygen in the blood. This tends to affect function of the brain since there is no steady supply of oxygen. In such circumstances, doctors administer oxygen therapy in calculated amounts to ensure blood supply reaches all the organs in the body.
2. Shortness of breath
You may find yourself ‘’gasping” for breath due to decreased oxygen levels in your blood. If this happens, oxygen therapy needs to be administered to supply the much needed oxygen in the body. Oxygen therapy is also beneficial to patients suffering from common respiratory problems such as asthma. Also, supplemental oxygen is given to heart attack patients, when required.
3. Relieves Nausea and headache
The reason why most people suffer from nausea is because of staying in enclosed spaces that facilitate carbon-dioxide build-up. Apart from taking gulps of fresh air through the window, you may realize that oxygen therapy help to provide relief from nausea and headache. In fact, a supplemental dose of oxygen will completely eradicate that feeling of nausea.
4. It promotes healthy lungs
Oxygen therapy might also be beneficial to people suffering from lung diseases, which often increases the risk of heart problems.
Long term benefits of oxygen therapy include reduced risk of heart diseases, lung complications and other illnesses. It is also beneficial to people who have fear of travelling by air.

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