Benefits Of Overhead Squat

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Benefits of Overhead Squat

If you are not familiar on how to perform the overhead squat then it is essential that you find a professional to show you the basic steps. This is important to ensure that you avoid strain and injuries. The overhead squat has many different variations and is not only an effective strength training program, but also benefits your overall fitness levels. To perform this exercise, squat while bending your knees until you almost reach the ground. Raise and lower the bar for several repetitions but ensure your knees remain bent.

1. Strengthens your upper body

For starters, overhead squat tones your upper body, from your arms to the feet. By loading more weight on the shoulder, you build a strong and more developed core that will improve your balance when performing the exercise. Your legs become completely exhausted (in a good way though), strengthening your lower body.

2. Releases hormones responsible for growth

Another benefit of this exercise is that is helps to build the muscles that you use when performing exercises, releasing natural hormones responsible for muscle growth. Squatting help to release muscle building hormones so that you can develop overall body strength, which enables you to perform other exercises with ease.

3. Improves balance

Overhead squat target your legs and core muscles, which provide the much needed balance when doing other exercises. Your core muscles balance the entire body and your legs remain standing upright. These are the main powerhouses that provide the support required when performing exercises.

4. Build mental toughness

The exercise also helps to build mental toughness, especially when you are using heavy weight. It takes mental preparedness to withstand such a heavy burden on your shoulders. Performing the exercsie using the correct form will not only improve you fitness levels but will also improve your overall body strength.

Although there are no major drawbacks associated to this exercise, it is always advisable to ensure that you are using the correct form to avoid injury.

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