Benefits Of Outdoor Play

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Benefits of Outdoor Play

Many guardians and parents are now discovering the benefits of allowing their children to play outside. The children who participate in outdoor activities are active, engaged and have lots of fun. It is clear that playing outside is a great idea, however research shows that it might even be more beneficial.
1. Improves concentration
Outdoor play is also important when it comes to concentration and attention. For instance, schools that cut back on their recess saw a negative result in their overall school performance. Playing outdoors is therefore a key factor of academic success. Additionally, children suffering from ADHD have shown lesser behavioral problems and improved focus after playing outdoors.
2. Better eyesight
A recent study revealed that children who participate in outdoor play for several hours daily had significantly lower rates of eye complications like nearsightedness as compared to those who spent shorter periods of time outdoors. Outdoor play stimulates and engages all the senses of the children, which leads to proper development.
3. Develops character
Health experts believe that children who explore and play outside are more likely to be self-motivated and adventurous. When children are capable of trying new things outside, they learn vital lessons that are going to help them as they grow. Such children have a higher likelihood of taking risks when they become adults.
4. Effective exercise
One of the key outdoor play benefits is that it gives children a great opportunity to exercise their bodies in an enjoyable and unstructured way. With the increase in obesity among the young generation, outdoor play offers a good remedy. This is a good method of exercising the whole body.
5. Reduces blood pressure
Children who take part in outdoor play engage in lots of laughter which reduces blood pressure and stress. It strengthens the immune system and also enhances muscle function.
The disadvantage of outdoor play is that children can easily slip and hurt themselves, especially if they are playing on a wet surface.

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