Benefits Of Outdoor Education

Benefits of Outdoor Education

Outdoor education refers to structured learning that is conducted outdoors. There are numerous outdoor activities such as climbing, group games, rope courses, canoeing, and hiking to mention but a few. Participant can also participate in a wide range of fun activities that include camping, kayaking, rafting, rock climbing and so forth.

1. Build self confidence
Outdoor education actually helps to build confidence in children, since they learn how interact with others. It also aims to bring children closer to nature, so they can understand how to manage life situations. Outdoor education further enhances social and personal development in young children.

2. Builds leadership skills
Outdoor education is beneficial in schools, especially when conducted in a sequential manner. It facilitates and reinforces pastoral curriculum, providing a practical learning experience to participants of all ages. Students can acquire leadership skills and other virtues when working in small groups. Also, they learn the importance of working geared toward a common goal in order to reap maximum benefits.

3. Creates optimism and confidence
Each and every student learns how to interact with others, and also come to terms with their own weaknesses and strengths. Outdoor education further emphasizes on working as a team, thereby instills optimism and confidence in participants.

4. Participant learn how to deal with risks
Another benefit of outdoor education is that students know that risks and challenges can be solved in a responsible manner. They apply guided reflection to ensure they are able to deal with similar challenges in future. Therefore, outdoor education transfers learning into real life situations.

5. Provides simple exercises
Outdoor education also provides physical exercises to participants, to promote and improve their well-being. Students and staff can interact on the field and share their experiences, building strong relationships.

Since outdoor learning often lays emphasis on having fun and doing exercises, learning focus tends to be affected.

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