Benefits Of OSI Model

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Benefits of OSI Model

By separating sales communications and multi-level marketing into smaller logical sections, the OSI model simplifies how networking protocols are created. The OSI model was designed to ensure different types of equipment (like adapters, routers, hubs and network adaptors) are compatible.
1. Provide a wide variety of choice
Customers have a wide variety of choice since software/ hardware from different manufactures work together in harmony. In addition, the OSI model can fit to any compatible software/hardware from different users in other parts of the world.
2. It does not rely on a specific operating system
OSI is convenient since errors are dealt with at each level, as different levels operate automatically independent of each other. This makes it easier to troubleshoot problems that may arise at each stage, by separating the networks into small manageable pieces.
3. The user can understand the common terms used in networking
OSI model also help the user to understand different networking terms and functional relationship applied on multiple networks. In addition, the user also understand how new technologies are developed in the existing networks.
4. Interprets product functionality at each stage
The OSI model simply uses different stages of functionality. For instance, each stage has specific functions to ensure all networks operate without technical hitches. Also, each layer has it own interface specifications and a well-defined connector.
5. Encrypt data for security purposes
Decryption and encryption services are also available for security purposes. Expansion and compression of messages is simplified to ensure it travels from one system to another efficiently.
6. It is easier to add multiple network models
The OSI model is designed in such a way that user further extend new protocols within the process. This means you can use additional layered architecture other than the existing one.
Due to its complexity, poor performance can be obtained in day to day applications, thereby it requires great technical know-how.

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