Benefits Of Opal

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Benefits of Opal

Opal has been regarded to be a mystical and spiritual stone for a very long time. It is said to be very inspirational and it boosts one’s imagination and creativeness. Opal has extensive uses and therefore the benefits are also extensive. The following are benefits of opal.

1. Healing effects

In medieval periods, opal was used for treating eye complications and also providing relief for digestive complications. Fire opal shows efficiency with regards to treating blood disorders, lethargy and depression. Similarly, black opal is beneficial for enhancing the function of pancreas, spleen and reproductive organs. For stimulating the brain and improving brain function and concentration, white opal is recommended.

2. Brings luck

Black opal provides luck to its user and it is also viewed as a sign of confidence and faithfulness. It is well known for enhancing various mental capacities like creative imagination. When black opal is worn close to a person’s heart on a gold necklace, it is thought to guard the user from evils and protect tourists on trips.

3. Removes bad dreams

For people with constant nightmares, opal can be easily used to provide relief. In this instance the opal is ground up into powder and then used like a magic potion for healing the body, warding off nightmares and bad dreams. The potion also has energy enhancing effects.

4. Prevents illness

Opal allows the user to foresee minor ailments and therefore take the necessary preventative measures. This is shown when the opal turns grey or dull. However, when opal turns to sickly yellow, it usually means that an accident or injury is imminent.

The main demerit of opals is that they are moderately light stones and can easily break when subjected to a reasonable blow. Opals cannot withstand extreme temperatures as well due their unusual water content.

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