Benefits Of Oophorectomy

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Benefits of Oophorectomy

Oophorectomy is a medical procedure that involves ovary removal to treat ovarian abnormalities or guard against ovarian cancer. Even though it might seem like a drastic method of lowering cancer, it is very effective. The following is a broad look at various health benefits of oophorectomy.

1. Lowers ovarian cancer risk

Oophorectomy is the most efficient medical procedure that you could possibly use to lower your risk of getting ovarian cancer. This is very beneficial in women who have a high likelihood of developing ovarian cancer. It provides a substantial and significant long-lasting survival advantage in such women.

2. Prevents breast cancer

Oophorectomy has also been found useful against breast cancer. It is especially beneficial if it is performed prior to menopause in high risk individuals. Even though it is not as efficient as mastectomy in cancer prevention, undertaking an oophorectomy could possibly reduce the likelihood of breast cancer development by approximately 50 percent. For an increased protection against breast cancer both oophorectomy and mastectomy are performed together.

3. Lowers symptoms of endometriosis

A huge health benefit of oophorectomy is that it is also effective against endometriosis. It works through removing the source of hormones responsible for the growth of the uterine lining. This action reduces the overgrowth that causes endometriosis. Nevertheless, oophorectomy for treating endometriosis is usually done together with hysterectomy like a final method of getting rid of endometriosis, especially where other treatment methods have not been able to inhibit uterine overgrowth.

4. Enhances health

Since this particular medical procedure lowers the risk of getting serious health complications like breast cancer and also ovarian cancer, it helps to improve overall health. This benefit is not limited to high risk individuals, but also other women who have undergone oophorectomy before the onset of menopause.

A key demerit of oophorectomy is that it results in early menopause and thus women who want to use this procedure should be counseled regarding the symptoms of menopause that they are going to experience.

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