Benefits Of Olive Oil on Face

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Benefits of Olive Oil on Face

For centuries, olive oil has been utilized by women for various purposes such as skin care, hair care as well as facial care. Olive oil is derived from olive fruits. Different from other facial products accessible in the current market, this specific oil is natural and pure and thus does not provide any side effects. This makes olive oil ideal for facial use. Further down are benefits of olive oil on face.

1. Effective face wash

Rather than making use of the various face washes and cleansing creams available that contain chemicals, you can utilize olive oil to cleanse your face. Apply olive oil on your skin using circular motions to make certain that it covers most of the face. After a while, you can then rinse it off with cold or warm water. Olive oil assists to dissolve the dirt, oil, makeup as well as other impurities present in the pores of the skin. Cleansing your face regularly using olive oil provides a more supple, fresh and soft skin.

2. Face mask

Olive oil can be utilized as an ingredient in face mask through mixing it with sour milk and sea salt. The mixture is then applied on the face for about twenty minutes and then rinsed off. People with oily skin benefit greatly from using this face mask made from olive oil. It assists in thoroughly washing the pores and thus prevents zits, acne and pimple that are prone in oily skin.

3. Prevents ageing

If you are looking to delay or eliminate symptoms of ageing on your face, then you should try using olive oil. Massaging this oil to various parts of the face assists to remove wrinkles and other ageing symptoms. It also acts like a skin moisturizer for people with dry skin.

Because olive oil is not usually absorbed into the skin, most people might not use it as it may cause acne.

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