Benefits Of Oil Painting

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Benefits of Oil Painting

Artists all over the world have been making use of oil paints for a very long time. In fact, oil paintings were noticed in England in the 13th century where oil paints were used for decoration. The following are key benefits of oil painting.

1. Dries up slowly

Aside from the robust quality of oil paints, oil painting can be left in the open for long periods of time. Most artists usually leave their oil paintings out in the air for several days without worrying about the paint drying.

2. Blends with other colors

A huge benefit of oil painting is that it blends well with the surrounding paint. If an artist uses oil paints on a certain canvas, he or she is then able to create imaginative brush strokes as well as other blends. These actions might not be possible when using other kinds of paint.

3. Easy to work with

Oil is the simplest medium to work with. In general, creating oil paintings is relatively simple in contrast with using other mediums like watercolor or using pastels. Most beginners use oil paints due to this reason. The paint also does not move or run when painting on the canvas and this allows for a more precise painting. In addition, it is easier to make corrections on the canvas when using oil paints. All you require doing is scrapping off the paint using a knife and then repainting the scrapped area.

4. Creates better paintings

Since oil paints usually dry very slowly, it gives the artist the opportunity to effectively work on the painting over several sessions without any concerns of the canvas drying up early. You have adequate time to consider certain decisions that you require to make and thus produce better paintings.

The major drawback of oil painting is that it dries slowly and thus remains wet for longer periods. Such a wet painting can be easily damaged, especially if it falls down.

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