Benefits of Octacosanol

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Benefits of Octacosanol

Octacosanol is a substance that is also referred to as wheat germ oil. This particular oil or alcohol can commonly be sourced from wheat germ but may also be found in other food items such as nuts, sugar cane, vegetable oil, and whole grains. ‘ This substance is highly valued in the medical community for its various health benefits that include the following:

1. ‘ Vitamin and Mineral Content

Octacosanol contains various nutrients including Vitamins E and B, calcium, iron, fatty acids and other proteins. ‘ Because of the nutritional value this particular substance gives, octacosanol is widely used in dietary supplements and pills.

2. ‘ Energy Boost

With various nutrients in octacosanol, it is also used by people who want to gain improvements in terms of their muscle strength and endurance. ‘ Health enthusiasts and athletes also benefit from better reaction time provided by this substance.

3. Cholesterol Buster

People with high cholesterol levels may also benefit from octacosanol. ‘ In fact, pills that contain this substance are popular alternatives to synthetic anti-cholesterol drugs in the market. ‘ Along with fighting off cholesterol, octacosanol is also said to reduce the accumulation of fat cells in various tissues of the body. ‘ This particular substance also improves the metabolism of fat which is good news for people who have weight problems.

4. ‘ Treatment for Various Diseases

People who suffer from Parkinson’s disease and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (Lou Gehrig’s disease) have various debilitating symptoms that may respond to treatment with drugs that contain octacosanol. ‘ This substance is said to help the patients through improvements in their cardiovascular and nervous systems. ‘ Octacosanol is also used for patients with tumors or cancers.

With octacosanol’s various health benefits, many people can take them as dietary supplements. ‘ But as for the experts, each person must coordinate with their doctors first before any intake of drugs containing this substance for proper dosage and instructions.

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    April 19, 2015 12:02 am

    A Pharmist suggest I take this and train with it, insist its a Daily requirement,Which improves Endurance,Strength, I never used it from TWINLABS Expiration Date 2013, Do you think it is still good.


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