Benefits of OCI

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Benefits of OCI

OCI denotes Overseas Citizenship of India and it is a type of citizenship used by a dual citizen of another nation. The Indian law prohibits Indian natives to hold passports from other countries and therefor the OCI offers a good form of citizenship to all foreign residents without giving the holders travel documents for India.

1. Extensive visa period

The greatest advantage of OCI is that it provides the user a very extensive visa period for staying or visiting in India. This has led to an increase in the number of foreign investors in India, which has a positive effect on the economy. Apart from foreign investors, tourists also can use the OCI to extend the period of their visit in India. This is useful as it increases the revenue collected by the government.

2. Parity with other residents

The OCI enables foreigners to enjoy other benefits that were only previously enjoyed by Indian citizens. This is highly beneficial when it comes to the adoption of children. Even though it is a lengthy process, OCI holders are capable of participating in inter-nation adoption. They can also benefit from changes in costs of air travel in the domestic sector of India. People with OCI cards also pay the same fee as Indian citizens when visiting wildlife sanctuaries and national parks.

3. Additional benefits

People with OCI have the right of owning most kinds of properties in India apart from agricultural properties. In the past, such people were required by law to register themselves with immigration authorities or the local police. However, with the introduction of OCI cards, there is no longer a need for any registration.

The demerit of OCI is that it does not offer the holders a right to participate in elections through voting. Holders are also ineligible for any type of government employment.

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