Benefits of Oatmeal Mask

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Benefits of Oatmeal Mask

Oatmeal is a popular skin care treatment due to its moisturizing properties. It has cleansing and moisturizing properties, thereby is an effective anti- inflammatory for irritated skin or sunburns.

1. Revitalize the skin

Oatmeal mask works by cleansing the dead cells to invigorate the skin, which helps to reveal new skin cells underneath. However, oatmeal masks call for special ingredients such as yoghurt, oils, honey, and fruits. This help form a thick natural facial scrub to alleviate dryness, restoring your flawless skin.

2. Treats acnes

Oatmeal based-products and oatmeal masks are popularly used to treat skin blemishes such as acne, whiteheads, blackheads, and other unsightly facial features. Acne scars may be caused by exposure to household cleaning chemicals, excessive rubbing and scrubbing during the process of exfoliation.

3. Treats neaurodermatitis

Dry skin is often associated to neurodermatitis, a skin condition that results to inflamed, sometimes itchy skin. Therefore, oatmeal baths provide relief for people suffering from the disease. However, it is advisable that you consult your doctor to get directions and advice.

4. Relieves inflammation

Oatmeal mask and water also help soothe bee stings, insect bites, and inflammation caused by poisons. In addition, it also reduces rashes that may be caused by diseases like chicken pox or allergies. Oatmeal mask soften the skin by removing dead cells that often result to dryness.

5. Lower blood cholesterol

Although oatmeal mask is often used to treat skin blemishes, it is also beneficial in terms of relieving cholesterol levels in the body. It contains soluble fibers that help to lower cholesterol, especially in patients with heart problems.

Oatmeal mask might cause some discomfort to your eyes. As a suggestion, you can put used tea bags in the eyes to prevent irritation. Also ensure you don’t overdo it because it can harden and stick to your face.

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