Benefits Of Nutmeg

Benefits of Nutmeg

Nutmeg oil is popularly used in flavorings and baked goods. There are various types of nutmeg oil and their prices vary greatly. The nutmeg apple comes from a tropical tree, with greenish branches and grayish brown bark. It is somewhat similar to peach and has numerous health benefits.

1. Has a calming ability

Nutmeg oil is know to have a calming effect and is commonly used to help relax muscles. Also, it help get rid of gas from the body, and is used to treat several stomach diseases. It is beneficial to people with recurring kidney disorders, nervous conditions, and prevents vomiting.

2. Relieve nausea

Nutmeg added to desserts and milk is beneficial for indigestion and flatulence. In addition, it relieves nausea and vomiting. Powdered nutmeg might also help to relive heart problems, as well as chronic nervous problems.

3. Improve blood circulation

It is a great herbal stimulant for the mind and the entire body as well. It has a relaxing aroma that comforts the body, and improves blood circulation for people with heart problems.

4. Ease muscle and joint pain

Nutmeg has anti-inflammatory properties, thereby is beneficial to treat muscle and joint pains. The oil is applied on the affected part for immediate relief, removing stress and relaxing the body.

5. Reduces mental exhaustion

It increases circulation of the blood and allows better concentration. In addition, it works by stimulating the nerves in the brain, therefore removing stress and mental exhaustion leaving you feeling energized through out the day.

6. Alleviate diarrhea

Mixing powdered nutmeg with banana or apple juice can be used as a herbal therapy for diarrhea. Also, a mixture of nutmeg with amla juice can relieve morning sickness and hiccups.

Large intake of nutmeg might cause irregular heart rhythms and stupor. For this reason, it is advisable to take small doses in order to avert possible complications.

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