Benefits Of Nuclear Power Plants

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Benefits of Nuclear Power Plants

With advancement in technology, nuclear power plants are now capable of extracting nuclear power from uranium. In most cases, these power plants work in nuclear submarines and in nuclear ships, and although nuclear energy is potentially dangerous it does offer a number of benefits worth the mention. Listed below are the benefits provided by nuclear power plants.

1. Reliable
Nuclear energy is more efficient and can be used on a large scale. With advancement in technology, nuclear power plants are safer and more reliable. Proponents for nuclear energy cite the benefits of nuclear energy in relation to developing nations, (for instance China) that is building extensive power plants.

2. Minimizes greenhouse emissions
This issues still remains contentious. For starters, proponents who support nuclear energy argue that since not coal is bunt, greenhouse emissions are reduced. Nonetheless, the mining and transportation of uranium requires use of fuels, thus greenhouse emissions such as carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere.

3. Produces more energy
Unlike fossil fuels, nuclear power plants provide more energy and require only a sizeable quantity of uranium. According to statistics, a truck of uranium can produce as much output as 900 trucks carrying coal.

4. Reduces consumer dependence on biofuels
Many developing countries usually import gas and oil from other developed countries. These products are volatile and prices fluctuate from time to time. If the prices increase, consumers without a doubt incur high electricity costs. Building nuclear power plants, on the other hand can help reduce consumer dependence on biofuels.

5. Environmental benefits
The production of nuclear energy is normally done on small scale and hence does not affect those in the vicinity. In other words, nuclear power emits emit fewer greenhouse gases than coal and fossil fuels.

Since uranium is scare in nature, some argue that nuclear energy is not sustainable.

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