Benefits Of Not Smoking

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Benefits of Not Smoking

Smoking contributes to about five million deaths every year all over the world. Even with such staggering statistics, many people still continue to smoke. It is vital that you comprehend that there are numerous health benefits of quitting smoking, including greater chances at a health and long life.

1. Reduces risk of lung cancer

By not smoking, you actually reduce your risk of getting lung cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer and pancreas cancer. The sooner you stop smoking, the faster you can lower your risk of developing any type of cancer. After stopping smoking for ten years, a person’s risk of getting lung cancer is half that of people who still smoke. In fact, the risk of developing lung cancer reduces each year they do not smoke. Even stopping when you are above 60 years can significantly decrease your chances of getting cancer.

2. Improves digestion

Smoking cigarettes considerably enhances the total amount of acid generated by the stomach. It has even been associated with cases of ulcers, especially peptic ulcers. The other side effect of over production of acid in the stomach is that the gastrointestinal reflux causes the acid to go through the esophagus. This creates a very painful burning feeling that can be avoided by those who are not smoking.

3. Benefits the lungs

A key benefit of not smoking is that it will enhance the function of your lungs. As a result, you are going to feel reduced shortness of breath as you perform your daily duties. You will also enhance the lungs of people around you since they will no longer inhale the secondary cigarette smoke, which is also detrimental to the health.

Withdrawal from nicotine, which is the addictive drug that is found in cigarettes, is characterized by several symptoms that include anxiety, nausea, headaches as well as a strong craving for cigarettes.

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