Benefits Of NIMS

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Benefits of NIMS

National Incident Management System or NIMS is responsible for standardizing the procedure of emergency response. It also evaluates past responses and incidents in order to create the best methods for preventing and responding to future incidents. These incidents include emergencies from terrorist activities, airplane crashes to natural disasters. Here are benefits of NIMS.

1. Standardized emergency management

NIMS offers a detailed framework that assists state, federal and local organizations prepare for as well as handle emergencies regardless of the cause, complexity or geographic reach. This framework includes standardized concepts, terminology, concepts, doctrines and also organizational processes. Standardization is vital as it encourages interoperability and compatibility amongst agencies responsible for responding to incidents. It ensures the easy flow of both resources and information. High standardization levels are attained through training and also role playing in simulated incidents.

2. Best practices

A vital NIMS benefit is that it utilizes information from different past incidents so as to encourage better response and prevention from incidents that are yet to come. Moreover, it also promotes the creation of new methods and technologies for supporting better execution of emergency management. For instance, NIMS has evaluated the various responses to hurricanes and has highlighted the need for quicker responses and also the need for providing sufficient water, food and shelter for individuals without temporary or permanent access to their respective homes.

3. Coordinates response

Many emergencies like chemical spills or tornadoes take place on local levels, with some like earthquakes and hurricanes having regional impacts. Coordination is necessary when there are several responding agencies like nongovernmental and governmental organizations. Each organization brings specialized resources and knowledge to help in an incident. Every incident requires quick assessment, planning and also establishment of communications and facilities for those affected by the incident and responders.

NIMS has a couple of shortcomings also. The main one is that implementing some of the standards recommended by NIMS can cost organizations lots of money.

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