Benefits of nicotine

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Nicotine is a well-known chemical that makes us crave for our next cigarette and more portentously make it really hard to quit this killing habit.

Nevertheless clinical research on this drug has shown that it’s not always nicotine that kills us, but rather it is the tar which is the really poison in cigarettes that proves detrimental to our body. In fact nicotine in reality offers a range of health benefits that are beneficial to us, of which a few has been listed below.

Lowers chances of neurological diseases

It has been clinically found that people who inhales nicotine regularly have noticeable lower chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease, than their non-smoking counterparts. As nicotine mimics the physiological actions of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, a shortage of which causes Alzheimer’s diseases, nicotine intake helps in lowering incidences of such neurological disorders.

Also chances of other neurological diseases such as Tourette’s, Parkinson’s, ADHD and schizophrenia is reduced by medical administration of nicotine.

Helps in curing diabetes

Medical administration of nicotine based gel (which still under trail) has shown improvement in the growth and health of blood vessels in patients suffering from diabetes. As diabetic patients often suffer from dearth of blood flow to their extremities, nicotine offers a potential transformative effect in curing this problem.

Helps in sharpening cognitive behaviors

According to a study which has been published in Neurology Today (2012), it has been seen that medical administration of nicotine helps in sharpening cognitive behaviors and psychomotor speed in human beings. Cognitive activities such as attention, memory is benefitted by intake of nicotine in our body. Particularly it has been noticed that short term memory finds substantial improvement with the help of this drug, which allows the subjects to manifest a greater degree of recall.

Helps in curing depression

A study done on the beneficial effects of nicotine in 2006 by scientists of the Duke University, has shown that nicotine helps in alleviating symptoms of depression. Researchers conducted on this drug has verified that there is a direct link between nicotine and the two vital neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine in our body. As lack of serotonin and dopamine causes depression, medical administration of nicotine in our body helps in alleviating symptoms of depression in a very short span of time.

Acts as a powerful insecticide

Right from the ancient times, nicotine has been used as a powerful insecticide to help in protection of seeds. Nicotine is also mixed with water and sprayed on plants to protect them from fungal diseases.

Although little progress has done to explore further on the benefits of using nicotine, however renewed interest on this drug has developed with the recent development of e-cigarettes, which uses medicated nicotine in manufacturing of this product.

It may be wise to state over here that Shamans often used nicotine in their ritualistic practices for inducing nicotine intoxication which resulted in catatonic states that represented symbolic death. As the Shamans developed high tolerance to the effects of nicotine, they returned miraculously to life within a couple of hours as this drug gets very quickly eliminated from our body.

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