Benefits Of Niacin

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Benefits of Niacin

Niacin is also referred to as vitamin B3 and it is a necessary constituent of a healthy diet . It is naturally found in various foods like nuts, eggs, lean meats, poultry, dairy products, fish and certain enriched breads and cereals. There are also niacin supplements available that you can take.

1. Maintains cholesterol levels
Research shows that niacin is highly beneficial in enhancing the lipoproteins that form HDL cholesterol. As a matter of fact, niacin provides more benefits to the good cholesterol as compared to taking certain prescription drugs like statins. This helps to improve the levels of HDL cholesterol in the body. An increase in HDL cholesterol leads to a decrease in LDL cholesterol.

2. Enhances cardiovascular health
One of the key benefits of niacin is that it guards against fatal heart attacks, especially if used together with other medications that lower the cholesterol levels. This is because niacin has the capability to enhance the levels of good cholesterol in the body and thus enhances the health of the heart. This action also reduces the risk of various heart complications like strokes.

3. Fights deficiency of niacin
One obvious advantage of taking niacin supplements is that it is an effective treatment for niacin deficiency, which is known as pellagra. Additionally, niacin also reduces the progression of atherosclerosis. On the other hand, studies show that niacin ought to be taken together with regular prescription medication in order to get the full health benefits.

4. Increases metabolism
Niacin plays a vital role in metabolism and it assists the body to convert carbohydrates into glucose. This is then used to cater for the energy requirements of the body.

Nevertheless, since niacin increases blood sugar levels, it is not the best option for people with diabetes. This is because it can easily aggravate the condition.

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