Benefits Of NGOs

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Benefits of NGOs

The initials NGO stand for Non-governmental organization which is a legal constituted organization which is created by legal or natural persons with no ties or participation from any government. These organizations are famous for providing technical and financial assistance to developing countries. NGOs also provide advisory help on how to use and tap resources and how to properly use the environment. The following are more benefits of NGOs;-

1. Source of employment
When an NGO sets up its offices in a particular country or location, they will need to employ people to show them around, translate as well as work in their offices. As a result they recruit both highly motivated staff as well as experts without any restrictions from the government. Both the locals and workers benefit because they are awarded with job opportunities.

2. Improve standards of life
NGOs are more beneficial than government programs because they are usually community based organizations. They research, develop and work on several projects which can help people change their lives. Unlike the government, NGOs are able to penetrate all corners of the community to find out what kind of problems people face and what they can do to make things better.

3. Reduce literacy levels
Further to improving the standards of life, NGOs also teach people in the respective communities how to lead a better life than they do right now. While some run free education, others teach people basic knowledge that can help them get jobs and earn money. Rather than giving them money directly, these teachings have been seen to improve the levels of their lives at different levels.
NGOs too experience drawbacks in their field of work. They usually experience hostility before they can be welcomed into given societies. There’s also the issue of language barrier more so if they are foreigners.

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